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Aivars has an incredible understanding of global economic trends at a very strategic level.  He can articulate REAL, long-term solutions!  But you have to be able to think outside the box to grasp concepts that may at first not seem possible, but are truly game-changers!  As someone who focuses on long term workforce issues, I find that his insights are not only refreshing, but could solve long term problems and create a competitive advantage for those who take time to understand them.
- Dwayne Ingram, Chairman of the Board, CareerSource Florida

 “I have known Aivars for approximately six years and collaborated with him in several ventures. Aivars always impresses me with what a most recent article in the Wallstreet Journal headlines “Innovating through Analogies”.  Meaning he analyses and addresses economic challenges in a way not many are able to. I.e. transferring events and lessons from other economies, times or areas of life onto current constellations or developments via emphasizing the fundamental and abstract commonalities inherent in them. In human psychology, intelligence and evaluation we distinguish between the capability to merely reproduce information, the capability to interpret and analyze certain issues and, on the most advanced level, the capability to project any paradigm, issue or historical event onto a contemporary situation that bears no or little resemblance to the original one. That, im my experience and opinion, is a gift Aivars displays like none other. In addition to that Aivars is extremely generous with the sharing of his gift and insights and has helped many entrepreneurs, no matter if established or start-up, to refine their go-to market or expansion strategies. “
Udo Fischer, Psychologist PHD and Entrepreneur, Naples, FL.

 "Aivars has an unbridled passion for good sense and the power of reason. He earnestly aspires for the genuine improvement of mankind’s condition through a process of reflection and learning. You may not always agree with his conclusions, but you have to admire his enthusiasm for the debate and the quality of his sources"
- Jeremy Hardisty FPIA

 “Aivars reminds us once again that “news” is not what it seems, nor is it always accurate. It is clear that investors need not only track the news but the news over time, for trends and also to validate the sources of that news before it is to be believed.”
- Jim Burke CEO Profit Path Systems

 "In a landscape crowded with self-avowed thought leaders, Aivars has once again demonstrated with this latest work how his unique blend of visionary insight and business acumen can lead to real-world entrepreneurial success........ A thoroughly engaging and enjoyable read." 
Bob Lavery